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I was born, Jeremiah Prophet Ime Mbong.Like every child my age, I attended schools and tried to excel. I had very few friends, I had my good moments as well as bad ones. Somehow I felt like I was out of the ordinary. My moody moments almost always outweighed the happy ones.
There was desperation in me, which constantly made me feel as though I needed to get things done to help others, although, at that time, I had no means to. As I grew older, I noticed the differences in society; particularly in the quality of clothes people wore, which decided who their friends would be. My parent never told us not to play with some other children; however, some children choose not to play with us. Why, because of our background. We attended schools with other children who were of wealthy parentage. I was not touched by this until my best friend, at that time, the only person I talked to in class, the one who help me settled in during my first day in secondary school, dropped out of class. To no fault of his own, but the fault of society that promoted poverty. Blame God, blame the government, blame whomever. The simple fact was his parents could no longer afford the tuition. So, I stopped paying mine, so I could help him pay his. He made it up while I had to look for a way to pay mine before examination time, thank God for missionaries. I sought out a scholarship from the church. Today I hold degrees in Psychology, Politics, International Relations, Security Policy and Security Management, I am also a Soldier in the United States Army Reserves and running a small business. I have been to 3 continents with minimal out of pocket expenses. I have a strong belief that what I am reaping is the result of what I started sowing as a child and have been sowing till now.
I have made it my duty to speak for those who do not have the voice and to help those who cannot help themselves. I see it as God lifted me up so I can be a testimony of His faithfulness to my generation. My ministry is giving hope and motivation to those that have none. The fact is that a hungry person cannot hear the message of hope because the noise in the stomach drowns the sound of the message. I have been doing this at my own expense with a little help from contributions from well-meaning individuals all over the world. Would you join us?
My inspiration to do this came after a series of discussions with people I had met while studying in Dakar, Moscow, Mexico City and Houston between 1998 - 2001. I have also spoken with friends back home and decided it was time to start this organization. The organization has broadened the way I can help people while inviting volunteers to assist who also derive the same joy and satisfaction I receive by doing this kind of work. It has been a hard and rough journey and it always bring tears to my eyes to see so much pain in the world. As a volunteer I have seen war action in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Congo Democratic Republic and recently in Mexico in the State of Chiapas. We can only imagine the destruction to our world if we allow these to continue. The pain on the faces of children orphaned by war, the displaced and the injured is a harsh reality too much to bear. I have seen inter-ethnic war in Delta State, Nigeria, which I have made my home since 1998. It encourages me to continually campaign for an end to the wars and to help those affected by it. However, lest we forget, we must not only aid those affected by war, but also those who are less privileged.
Money alone cannot do this work, for money to be useful we must have a message that gets people up to fend and defend themselves. Our message is: Hope is here, Now, please join us..

Mbong Foundations International is against all forms of discrimination.

Dr. Jeremiah P. Mbong


Mbong Foundations Inc. has ceased to be a membership organization. Due to the down turn in the economy starting from 2008. We had to bring our operations together under the able managership of our Executive Administrator Dr. Megan Ann Joseph (Formerly Adeyinka) Dr. Joseph overseas all our planning and finances. We have decided to concentrate our efforts in developing our homeland in Nigeria instead of trying to do as much as we can for as many as we can. We still have the scholarship program and funds in Mexico under the able leadership of our Mexico Administrator, Ms. Barron. We still asked for assistance but does not based our operations on outside assistance but what we can raise, since it is our village the chahllenge to change our village from a "tiny village in the middle of nowhere" falls on us as indigenes to make it into a place that people will know the name when they passed it by.

Every equiries should be directed to Dr. Joseph, her information is on the contact page.